How We Work

At, we strive to be better than the rest of home cleaning companies by doing the things that are important to our customers.


Communicate with us through Whatsapp, email, booking form or even a phone call. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you find that we are up for the job, arrange a date and time with us for a consultation.


Our consultation is about discovering what is important to you at your home. We believe that every home is unique and different from one another and we respect that. Its a chance for us to learn and communicate on any of your special requests, practices, or exclusions. This will ensure that we can deliver your needs consistently; even in the event that there is a change in cleaners, we know what to tell the replacement cleaner.

Routine Cleaning

We will schedule a cleaner to clean your house on a regular basis and train him/her according to your needs and concern. It is also our commitment to bring the cleaner to your doorstep to prevent any imposters from trespassing your home on the first visit. Your safety is paramount to us.

All the concerns raised during the consultation would be highlighted to the cleaner prior to the cleaning, so you can have a peace of mind.

You will need to provide your own cleaning tools.

Spring Cleaning

In circumstances that requires a one-time cleaning like post-renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, moving in/out of a house or even a birthday party, we can do it for you too! Apart from the standard regular cleaning, we also wipe and disinfect areas that requires special attention. Some of the commonly left out areas are exterior of lights and walls, we can polish your faucets for you too!

You may need to provide the following,

1) Ladder ( for ceiling fans, lights and top of the fridge )
2) Vacuum Cleaner ( To remove dust and small debris left behind by renovation contractors)
3) Plenty of cloths ( To wipe your entire house clean, the more the better!)

We can bring these to you at an additional $100 per clean on top of the retail Spring cleaning package.


After cleaning, we always do a follow up with you through a phone call or whatsapp to know if the cleaning was done to satisfactory standards. If you are unsatisfied, we will arrange for another cleaner on the next visit.

Cleaning Exclusions (What’s not covered)

1) Dangerous activities such as working at height and moving of bulk items including furniture.
2) Hygiene reasons, we do not handle pet mess.
3) Personal belongings of value, any religious relics, antiques and etc.


We value all of our customers, therefore, we give you the flexibility to make payment either before or after the cleaning. If you trust us after our first cleaning, you can prepay all your future scheduled cleanings. We will help you keep track of your account.  Otherwise, you can choose pay every time after each cleaning. You can pay us within 48 hours after the cleaning through Bank transfer, cheque or cash.

For Ad-Hoc cleaning, only cash is accepted. At the end of the cleaning session, we will collect cash from you.

Cleaning set (Starter set)

*Only applicable for customers who purchased our routine cleaning package.

If you do not have the cleaning set, we can bring it to you at $80.

These are the cleaning set of essentials that you will need,

Cleaning products
1) Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2) General purpose cleaner
3) Glass Cleaner

Cleaning tool
1) Toilet Bowl Brush
2) Floor scrub (hard brush)
3) Duster
4) Mop and bucket
5) Vacuum cleaner (not inclusive in $80 cleaning set)
6) Broom and pan

Cleaning consumables
1) Cloth
2) Sponge
3) Trash bag

Spring cleaning set (rental)

*Only applicable for customers who purchased our spring cleaning package.

We have 2 choices,

1) Ladder and Vacuum Cleaner at $40
2) Ladder, Vacuum Cleaner ,Cleaning materials and solutions at $80

At the end of the cleaning session, we will bring back all the cleaning tools, supplies, ladder and vacuum cleaner.

Working hours and days

Mon – Sun: 8am to 10pm

No public holidays ( our cleaners deserve a break =D )

Special arrangements can be made for cleaning on public holidays, just inform us in advance and no extra charges!