July 3,2015

Get to know us!

Hi Singapore,

Get to know us!

We start this company not to change the world, but to clean one house at a time by doing the right things. Learn more about how we do home cleaning!

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Get $10 off your first home cleaning session with us!


July 5,2015

Home cleaning solutions

Hi Singapore!

Look what we got for you guys!

So while we were cleaning our customer’s surfaces, a brilliant thought came to our minds. How cool would it be if we came up with a gift to reward you and at the same time protect your surfaces!

So Coasters was born!

We designed it such a way that its big enough to put your beer mug on top!

These Coasters are also individually wrapped for you. Awesome right!

So enquire now about our awesome coasters at 88226060! Call or whatsapp us!
We do home cleaning and don’t sell any products at the moment, so these coasters are free!


July 4,2015

Spring cleaning Singapore!

Hi Singapore!

We are writing this article to let you know more about our Spring Cleaning Services you will get from us when you engage

If you need any of the following services, please continue reading!

Once cleaning
1) Spring cleaning / Festive Cleaning
2) Move in cleaning
3) Move out cleaning / Handing over cleaning
4) Post renovation cleaning
5) Ad-hoc cleaning
6) Party Cleaning
7) Your best friend needs a house cleaning

Your 3mins of reading starts here,

A good spring cleaning session begins with,

1. Communication
Understanding your needs and delivering satisfaction

All our spring cleaning sessions begins with a consultation at your house, a few days before the actual cleaning or on the cleaning day itself. You can choose to opt this out if you are really busy. But its all about understanding your cleaning requirement, important areas to take note and also to familiarise with your house. Once we establish the job scope, we will arrange for the right cleaner.

2. Cleaner
Quality of cleaning is highly dependent on the cleaner skill and experience  

We only hire experienced cleaners for house cleaning and pay above market rates to hire the best. They are directly under our payroll and work exclusively for us. This allow us to ensure consistent delivery of quality cleaning to your home!

3. Tools
Right tools for the right job

For a good spring cleaning session, you will need to provide us with, Ladder and Vacuum cleaner

Its important that we have access to your ceiling fans, air conditioner, top of your fridge etc. They are often accumulate with dust and should be removed!

Invest in a simple $70 – $90 vacuum cleaner can do so much wonders to your house by picking up all the dust along wall skirting, window frames etc.

You will need to provide a basic set of cleaning supplies and tools.
If you need the cleaning tools and supplies, ladder and vacuum cleaner, we can bring it to you at $80.

4. Customer Support
Being there for you

Call us or Whatsapp us at 88226060.

We aim to do everything right from the beginning to the end. We will always be there for you.

And before you engage our services, be sure to ask yourself a few important questions.

House Size: let us know the Area in Square feet / Square metre
House Condition: Just dusty/ Stubborn stains / Post renovation / Lots of clutter etc
Tools and supplies needed? Yes/No

Additional cost on top of retail spring cleaning package price
Cleaning tools and supplies is at $50
Ladder and vacuum cleaner is at $50
If you need both it is at $80

Cleaning tools and supplies : Cost below $50 at NTUC

Ladder: Cost about $40 in Giant super market for a decent length ladder

Vacuum cleaner: From $70, you will be surprised that is readily available in in HDB estates. No need to go to Courts etc.

And you get to keep them for the next Spring Cleaning session!



June 4,2016

Spring cleaning promotion for District 23

Spring Cleaning Promotion!

Hi District 23!

Save $80!

Your spring cleaning package has just got upgraded for free!
All cleaning tools, equipment and supplies(listed price $80) are included in your spring cleaning package for free!

Save the hassle of providing your own tools and equipment!

HDB spring cleaning starts at $420 NET
CONDO spring cleaning starts at $520 NET

Call us now at 88226060!
Subject to first come first serve.

Applicable only to houses in the following areas:
Hillview, Dairy Farm, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang
Postal code starts with 65,66,67,68

July 7,2016

Spring cleaning! Simple, Fast and Accurate!

Spring Cleaning Life SAVER!

Hi Singapore!

If you are in a rush, fret not!

We can speed up your spring cleaning by bringing extra cleaners at our cost.
And we ensure that our quality in cleaning services will not be compromised.
As all our cleaning sessions are supervised and coordinated by an on-site customer service manager for women.

Example, a shoebox apartment (< 500sqft)  takes about 2-3 hours with 1 cleaner to do a thorough clean up.

Which includes the following task,

  • Cooker hood and Stove degreased
  • Fridge thoroughly wipe down both exterior and interior, including the flooring under the fridge.
  • Toilets descaled and scrubbed off of accumulated stains
  • High dusting of Ceilings and lights fixtures

We can bring in an extra cleaner at our cost, and make it work at half of the time required!

Therefore, you can effectively hand over a house in just an hour!

Our spring cleaning package promises one flat fee.

HDB spring cleaning starts at $420 NET
CONDO spring cleaning starts at $520 NET

We will make sure everything is perfect before we leave.

We are a reliable and experienced home cleaning company with our own in-house cleaning crew.
So let us worry about your deadline!

Call us now at 88226060!
Subject to first come first serve.